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Crafting Engineering Data Analysis Solutions

TYNE is a professional software and consulting company for engineering data analysis (EDA) and yield improvement (YMS). Since its establishment in 2002, TYNE has focused on topics related to yield improvement and developed a series of quality enhancement and yield management systems. Related software products include engineering data analysis (EDA/YMS), statistical process control (SPC), fault detection classification (FDC) and wafer rapid inspection system (LRCS) and other solutions, helping the manufacturing industry to strengthen operational decisions and create core competencies.

Comprehensively improve productivity and quality from three layers, points, lines, and planes.
  • Points FDC-EEAS

    Optimize the cycle of equipment management and preventive maintenance and detect potential problems and prevent them from impacting products.

  • Lines Premium SPC

    Monitor quality parameters and manage anomalies throughout the production process.

  • Planes EDA-AYEDAS

    Understand and identify potential factors that may impact product quality and yield rates from all aspects (the 4M1E method).

Origin of TYNE

TYNE = Total Yield and KNowledge Engineering

TYNE aims at providing a variety of smart reengineering actions plans to assist industries in yield rate improvement. We collect and analyze every data in the manufacturing process, assisting industries to utilize data in this era of digital economy and clients to find innovative methods and technologies to solve unknown problems, leading businesses to the next level of competitiveness. Clients do not need to have their own data scientists; with TYNE’s products, users grow naturally accustomed to using numbers to make decisions!

Why Choose TYNE?
We understand you needs, and we provide customized solutions to overcome challenges of cost, talent, timeliness, and innovation in businesses.

The ever-changing market environment and user needs and the rapidly-expanding data resources pose new challenges to businesses. Businesses tend to be hesitant when returns on investment cannot be ensures. For companies that haven’t introduced full automation, a progressive adjustment is still possible with limited budgets. Companies can first introduce quality improvement solutions suitable for them and continue to pursue innovation throughout the way. For highly-automated companies, “timeliness” and “agility” are only basic factors in determining solutions; finding innovative manufacturing methods and new knowledge through data will be the key to long-term competitiveness.TYNE assist clients in building private data platforms to effectively solve problems in data collection, storage, and management. TYNE’s products have powerful data analytical functions and debug engines that can identify room for improvement and potential problems, allowing clients to transform their decision-making process from experience-based to evidence-based and realizing the maximum value of data.

TYNE Products and Services—Well-established and Reliable

Members of our team have accumulated over 20 years of experience in data platforms and analysis. TYNE has designed and developed our own unique data analysis and yield management software for a long time. We also provide consulting services to assist introducing our products into various industries.